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Chicks Mart PTY LTD has identified lack of specialized skills and expertise in the finishing level of construction and building projects. Most businesses would like to take the “more serious” and heavy level of building and construction (construction and erection of the skeletal structure of your house, business complex or office).

By the time they reach the level where they need to add the architectural beauty looks, postures and purpose of your project, they will have spent too much time on your project to move to their next piece of work. If they have to do your finishing work the will be doing it “ just to finish” , without the art, the passion and the precision work that gives your project the looks and the purpose for which it was designed.

From fittings of your plumbing system to water saving devices, from the installation of your interior decorative finishing to your paint work, from the installation of your eco- energy systems (Photovoltaic systems and Sola water heating) to your digital security systems, from the landscaping of your surroundings to your pools and Rock Art. It’s all about your house, business or office being beautiful, smart, eco-friendly, secure and purposeful.    It is this space in the building and construction industry that gave us an opportunity to research and resulted in the establishment and appointment of the experienced team at Chicks Mart PTY LTD as it is today.

From our research our company established two divisions in order to be able to provide specialised services in the above areas. Chicks Mart proudly owns: GreSec Technologies (Green Energy and Security Technologies) and HOBS (Home Office and Business Projects). Our relationship with relevant key partners such as STAFIX security centres, REGAL, MAXX-SOLAR has resulted in our growth and acquisition of relevant competencies and expertise in these areas.

The company adopts as its slogan, About You”, because we strongly believe that our EXISTANCE about bringing solutions to the challenges that you  are experiencing the areas we are servicing.

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